Listen To Chris Cornell’s Tribute To Scott Weiland “Say Hello 2 Heaven”


Listen to Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell perform Temple of the Dog’s “Say Hello 2 Heaven” in tribute to the late Scott Weiland below!

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell paid tribute to late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland at his recent concerts in Melbourne. Cornell dedicated his performance of Temple of the Dog’s “Say Hello 2 Heaven” to Weiland at a show, according to a fan. “Say Hello 2 Heaven” originally was recorded as a tribute to the Grunge era’s first casualty, Mother Love Bone singer Andy Wood. MusicFeeds and an Alternative Nation reader report that “Higher Truth” was dedicated to Weiland at Friday’s show. The reader told us, “It was very beautiful and amazing …Respect.” Fans have praised Cornell’s performance on Twitter. Weiland was found dead on his tour bus in Minnesota on Thursday night. He was 48.

Right now is a time for fans to really stop and appreciate some of the voices we still have left from the Grunge era like Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Billy Corgan, and Mark Lanegan. Rest in peace Scott Weiland, Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, Andy Wood, Mike Starr, Shannon Hoon, and the rest of a list that is far too long.

Stone Temple Pilots have released the following statement on Scott Weiland’s death:

Dear Scott,

Let us start by saying thank you for sharing your life with us.

Together we crafted a legacy of music that has given so many people happiness and great memories.

The memories are many, and they run deep for us.

We know amidst the good and the bad you struggled, time and time again.

It’s what made you who you were.

You were gifted beyond words, Scott.

Part of that gift was part of your curse.

With deep sorrow for you and your family, we are saddened to see you go.

All of our love and respect.

We will miss you brother,

Robert, Eric, Dean