Is Live Reuniting With Ed Kowalczyk?


Recently, a fan posted to Live’s Facebook page pleading for the band to reunite with original Live vocalist Ed Kowalczyk.  Four days later, Live shared the message to their main page:Live with Ed againWith the 25th anniversary of the release of the band’s debut album Mental Jewelry on the horizon, could this be a hint that Live may be reuniting with founding vocalist Ed Kowalczyk?
In 2009, the band split under very tumultuous circumstances, which included ridiculous lawsuits, Kowalczyk trying to get a lead singer bonus, and plenty of drama in the press, making it seem any positive relationship between the original members of the band and their founding vocalist was over.  In 2014, with Kowalczyk continuing on with a solo career, Live brought in former Unified Theory vocalist Chris Shinn for The Turn, which many fans considered the band’s best release since 1997’s Secret Samadhi.
The last update that we received from Live was in January of this year, when guitarist Chad Taylor posted on his Facebook page that Live was recording new music.  However, the person providing vocals wasn’t mentioned in the post.  Since the January post, updates on the current state of the band have been silent.  Shinn, Kowalczyk, and the rest of Live have not posted any updates on recording or spoke to the media in several months.  What is apparent however, is even if the band is not reuniting with Kowalczyk, the simple act of sharing that particular post shows a definite change of heart from recent times by acknowledging the chemistry the band had with their former lead singer.
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