Live Review! Alice Cooper Reunites With Original Band in London in Stunning Show!


Alice Cooper is currently on a world tour and this winter he is spending it in Europe. Alternative Nation joined him in London, England to check out the legendary rock n’roll legend in all his element, complete with the original Alice Cooper Band.

All Photos: David Bronstein

Chances are no matter who you are into if they play it loud in 2017 they were influenced in some part bya living legend in Alice Cooper who has been on top of the pile of rock stardom for 6 decades. Cooper and his band have undertaken a massive worldwide tour to promote new album ‘Paranormal’ released last summer and what is staggeringly his 27th studio album in a glittering career.

The new album garnered attention because 3 of the original four members from The Alice Cooper Band featured on two tracks (fourth member Glen Buxton died in 1997) and the album was given positive reviews, and so anticipation has been rife with Cooper’s latest tour given that original members Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith would perform with Cooper for the encore of each show.

For the next 2 hours Wembley Arena is treated to an incredible stage show that only Cooper could pull off. A giant Frankenstein like monster rising 40ft in the air, a light show of epic proportions, a decapitation by guillotine and what is also captivating is Coopers latest recruitment’s Tommy Henricksen and Nita Strauss are simply stunning and are the heart beat of what makes his shows so stunning musically as well as viscerally.

To a background of fireworks and sparks Cooper enters the stage and kicks off with ‘Brutal Planet’ before jumping into classics ‘Under My Wheels’ and ‘Lost in America’. Cooper has always been great for irony and probably has one of the greatest song titles in history for that, so when he launches into ‘Women of Mass Distraction’ there are quite a few laughs to be seen from this 12,000 capacity sold out crowd.

Of course the absolute classics get a live airing too and after Strauss’ incredible guitar solo we are treated to the 80’s classic ‘Poison’. And the classics keep coming, memories of the hit 90’s movie ‘Waynes World’ fill the arena when Cooper launches into ‘Feed My Frankenstein’. ‘Cold Ethyl’ is just another classic slice from Cooper and ‘Only Women Bleed’ has never sounded so good in a live environment.

For the encore there is a massive roar of approval when Coopers new band are replaced with his classic line up and they run through hits such as ‘I’m Eighteen’, ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ and ‘No More Mr.Nice Guy’. The set ends with old and new musicians to a packed stage overlooking thousands of satisfied fans with Cooper’s best known song ‘School’s Out’. And that’s it the show is over, but even as Cooper is about to turn 70, he is showing no signs of slowing down, and at the end of the show all you can think is about the next time you’re going to see him and his outstandingly talented band.