Lochness Monster’s Hit Filled ‘Fables’ Soars, Stone Temple Pilots & Linkin Park Fans Will Love It


Lochness Monster released their debut album Fables earlier this year, and despite being a relatively new band, they sound like they’ve been together for years. They are tight musically and as songwriters, as Fables is full of hits, and it has songs that will appeal to fans of some of alternative rock’s greatest acts.

“First Flight” definitely has shades of Soundgarden musically, with a Kim Thayilesque riff juxtaposed with melodic modern indie rock vocals.

“Pendulum” sounds a bit like A Perfect Circle, with the vocals channeling Maynard James Keenan’s more traditional rock work.

“Fables” sounds ready for alternative radio, it manages to have integrity and honor rock’s past, while bringing it forward in a way that sound sound right at home on KROQ. The guitar work is reminiscent of some of Kings of Leon and Jimmy Eat World’s best work.

“Lencois” is the album’s first ballad, and it’s another hit. Fans of Stone Temple Pilots’ Shangri-LA-DEE-DA album will love it, it has melodic ethereal quality that STP and Scott Weiland’s most genre-bending tracks have.

“Anchors Gone” gets heavy, with the vocals channeling Scott Weiland again, with shades of Velvet Revolver’s Contraband.

“15 Rounds” has one of the more inventive melodies on the album, there’s a 90’s alternative sound mixed with Chester Benningtonesque vocals.

“Salem” is a nostalgic track tinged with darkness. Lyrically the track is full of regret, with a story about never being loved at all.

“Nocturnes” is one of those songs that builds as it goes, as it becomes one of the heaviest and triumphant tracks on the album. Arrangement wise, Silversun Pickups fans will love it.

Closing track “The Grove” has an atmospheric opening with a faint guitar riff. The best lead guitar work on the album is on this track, with shades of Billy Corgan and Robert Smith.

Overall Fables is a great album. Justin Shaner manages to be influenced by some of alternative rock’s best guitarists yet create a fresh sound of his own, Michael Morello’s voice can create endless emotional and hook-laden melodies, and the rhythm section of Rene Rivera on drums and Camilo Zea on bass sounds like a well oiled machine. Lochness Monster manage to sound like an arena rock band with a million dollar budget, despite just forming a few years ago and being very early on in their recording career as a band. You can watch the “Pixie Cut” video below!