Leng Tch’e Bassist Talks New Album



After a 7 year hiatus Leng Tch’e is back with a killer new album called Razorgrind.This release is a really great welcome back for the band. I was recently able to interview bassist, Nicolas Malfeyt on the topic of this release.


Why did you choose the name Razorgrind for the release?

 Hi there, thanks for the interview. We figured this album ultimately encompasses everything this band has stood for musically since the beginning, and we feel that we succeeded better than ever in putting that vision down on record. As you may know the term “Razorgrind” was coined as some sort of a joke on the first album and since nobody could ever pigeonhole us into one specific genre, it stuck to us as a way to describe our style. So what better way to announce a comeback album after 7 years than to make a statement with “Razorgrind”!

I noticed a 7 year gap between albums? What did you guys do during this hiatus?

We stayed busy playing shows, toured Europe and the UK, went to Japan which was amazing. But because of line-up changes and personal issues involving certain band members, the recording got severely delayed. It was actually finished a year ago but label negotiations and their release schedule delayed it for another year almost. But it’s here now and we couldn’t be happier with the way it came out and how it’s being promoted by Season Of Mist.

Any tour to promote this new release?

We’ve got shows lined up in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and a tour across the UK with Agoraphobic Nosebleed throughout the fall, plus we’re lining up festival appearances for 2018 as we speak. We are very eager to keep this ball rolling.

Whats your thoughts on the state of grindcore today?

I feel as if it’s “regressed” a bit towards the original basic sound, after a period in the late 90’s/early 00’s where grindcore was headed more in a death

metal direction coupled with more room for experimentation such as the plethora of bands on Relapse Records around the time that we came out. There’s definitely a lot of new bands but many of them sound the same. Very few original bands if you ask me. However having been around metal music for close to 30 years I know these things come in waves and we’re currently riding a retro wave, not just in grindcore but in other metal styles as well. As long as kids are into extreme metal it’s all good.