Lock up Vocalist Talks Experience Of Working With Buzz Osbourne


Formed in 1998 by Napalm Death’s Shane Embury, Lock up is a UK grindcore supergroup. The band has featured members from many big names such as Hypocrisy, At the Gates and most recently former Brutal Truth vocalist, Kevin Sharp. I recently interviewed Kevin by phone, we talked about topics such as the state of grind and his time working with Buzz of Melvins.

How did the writing process of your latest album go?

We did tons of great sessions with Anton and Nick then a few sessions with Shane, then flew over to Atlanta to help with the record. Shane wrote about 40 percent of the record while the rest added our 20 percent.

How did your previous tour go? Any future plans

We start a tour in May, that’s in Europe with Brujeria and Napalm Death. Shane is playing all 3 sets.

Speaking of Shane how does it feel working with one of the originators of the genre?

I knew the man for years. We were in a band together called Venomous Concept. When Brutal Truth was done for he decided to add me to his other band Lock Up. The dude’s a legend, known him since 89.

Speaking of Venomous Concept, what is it like working with Buzz in that band?

Unusual, he has an interesting house with interesting things in it. He also has interesting views on the world. He always tells people never to be famous since it’s a double edge sword.

Yeah I remember hearing him say something among those lines when I saw Melvins with Napalm Death and Melt-Banana last year. Any favorite newer grindcore bands?

I love Wormrot and Insect Warfare, but they aren’t really new anymore. I like the old stuff mostly.

Wormrot is old now. I remember them being new when I first got into them but they aren’t new anymore.

(laughs) Time flies. At one point I was new and one point Scum and the whole genre were new.