Izzy Stradlin Is Writing New Music With Guns N’ Roses


Former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven has claimed that Izzy Stradlin has written with the band recently, but is not eager to immediately be a full time member of Guns N’ Roses again even with Slash and Duff McKagan’s return to the band.

“Izzy will sit on the sidelines until he feels like he wants to get his toes in the water. He doesn’t like all the drama.”

“I think he’s written with them.”

He added, “Recently.”

Susan Holmes McKagan, Duff’s wife, has said ‘never say never’ in regard to Izzy returning to the band.


Metal Sludge recently reported that Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler could be guest performers on Guns N’ Roses’ upcoming reunion tour.

“It’s Axl, Slash & Duff. And whoever they decided to hire for the week, month or leg of a specific tour. If anyone so much as steps a foot to the left, they will be replaced faster than Summer’s replaces clip-in extensions on tour.”

He added, “It’s the Big 3, Dizzy will be on keys, Frank on drums and Richard on rythym. And Izzy will saunter in a few nights and do 2-3 songs. Adler will get a chance to play a song or two, and my guess, might even be done 38 Special style. With both drummers. I’ve heard from sources Axl does not like Sorum, and he’s also said a few dumb things in recent years – so he’s not likely to be there unless he bought a ticket. Scatter in a guest here or there on guitar, or Bach singing a duet with the boss on a night or two. Maybe if Fortus breaks an arm or something, they might bring in Gilby for a run of shows. I’d also wager there will be another utility player or two on the trek playing keyboards, or maybe even some extra guitar. Mark my words on all of this.”

Ex-Poison manager Howie Hubberman hinted at Facebook at Guns N’ Roses trying to find a way to have some sort of role for Steven Adler in the reunion. “Negotiations are not finished. They are doing this the right way!! Right way would include Steven (in some way).