Lord Sonny the Unifier’s “The Starman” Is An Otherworldly Rock Anthem


Lord Sunny the Unifier can’t help but strike a nerve with their groovy, moody brand of classic rock-infused garage rock. The latest single, “The Starman” further drives home the notion that Lord Sonny the Unifier are a thrilling collective that need to be a top of your list of artists to check out.

Following up their fantastic previous single, “Right In Your I”, Lord Sunny the Unifier keep the momentum high and the stakes higher with the out of this world “Starman” Driven by a haunting piano line and a growing intensity, “The Starman” demands repeated listens. The melancholy vocals move through the verse’s ridiculously infectious melody wonderfully. Funky, flashy fuzzy guitars come in and out providing nice, unexpected flurries of fantastic instrumentation.

Great songs often find a way to finesse a hook into the song’s chorus to serve as a callback to pull you in. Interestingly, on “The Starman”, Lord Sunny the Unifier take the concept of delivering a big hook and turn it to eleven with the psychedelic middle section. The piano takes a backseat to the fuzzy, 70’s style guitars during this part; adding layers to the instrumentation while building to a fantastic climax. That climax, a blitzing guitar solo that will leave any guitar-wanna-be listening in awe.

When you look at the trajectory of a successful band, one word defines their ability to create a fantastic catalog of work; consistency. You could maybe, maybe pull off a solid track once, but if you want the longevity and the ability to continue to create, you need consistency. Lord Sunny the Unifier prove with “The Starman” that they no doubt have a great number of tricks up their sleeve and the ability to produce high quality, ass-kicking rock over and over.

Check out Lord Sunny the Unifier and enjoy this other-worldy rock anthem, “The Starman.”