Van Halen Icon Unloads On Terrible David Lee Roth Lie


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar reacted to a false remark from a fan who claimed that Hagar said Van Halen weren’t even filling small arenas when David Lee Roth was fronting the band before he replaced him in 1985. A Van Halen icon recently revealed an odd haircut photo.

rkraft6010 wrote to Hagar on Instagram, “I’m very disappointed with you Sam! According to your book, you are claiming that prior to your arrival VH wasn’t even filling small arenas! Sam, this just isn’t true and I really wish you would correct this misinformation.”

Hagar responded, “No way did I say that.”

jerry_blatnik commented, “@rkraft6010 That is bullshit. I highly doubt Sammy said that. VH was coming off their 1984 album which was a monster of an album. Multi platinum album and selling every arena out in the country. Sammy knew how big of a band VH was before he even thought of joining the band.”

coledewolf chimed in, “@rkraft6010 @sammyhagar – I just read that book man, that was not said. Sammy is very well aware how Roth impacted the band, and how successful they were. Sammy has even said he was a fan of them.”

bdywrks wrote, “@rkraft6010 no way on God’s green earth did Sammy Hagar ever say that… Maybe you should go re-read that book and then come back and apologize!!! RED ROCKER FAN FOR LIFE BAY AREA HOMEGIRL.”

rkraft6010 said, “@davidmacfarland8312 I was only referencing the conversation that was taking place on one of the VH websites. They were talking about it, and that’s what was allegedly in the book. Sam says it isn’t true, so I’m a little confused now. Yes, I do prefer the original VH as opposed to the Sam version. However, Sam does have a much better voice (now). He has taken better care of himself and his vocal cords.”

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