Lovely Sand Dunes Are Classic Rock Saviors You’ve Been Waiting For


I don’t care who your favorite rock band or which genre is your most preferred; one thing we can all agree on is the ridiculously few great rock and roll bands we have coming into our lives nowadays. Uninspired electronic infused music with an undeniable hip hop and country domination, rock bands- and great ones are few and far between.

If you’re anything like me and have been holding your breath waiting for the next great rock band- take a deep, sweet breath and rejoice. Lovely Sand Dunes are ready to take the rock torch and run with it! The band even have Greta Van Fleet’s former manager, Michael Barbee, working with them.

Barbee was the architect behind Greta Van Fleet’s seemingly overnight success, jumping from Michigan bars to an international audience. Lovely Sand Dunes have a sound that seems destined to be even bigger than Greta Van Fleet!

Lovely Sand Dunes operate with a pretty straight forward attack. Creating highly impassioned rock and roll with a real flare for the 1970’s heyday of classic rock, their sound is as rich as it is haunting. One listen to “Not a Love Song”, the second track from their upcoming EP Unusual Times to understand the power of this band. Lead singer Claire French bares her soul over some truly fascinating chord changes and a melody that will haunt your dreams in the most beautiful way possible.

The ability to build upon that which you love is no easy task. Yet, somehow, Lovely Sand Dunes are taking this established genre of music to new heights while creating something completely personal; something completely all their own. You get struck by their vulnerability. But you get moved by their sheer force. Good music moves you. Great music lives in you. Fantastic guitar work, beautiful vocals and killer melodies are in abundance all over Unusual Times. Truth be told, when this five track EP drops June 7th, it’ll likely be good times all around!