Metallica Icon Injured At Show In Sad Photo


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett hurt his finger at a recent show in Paris. He wrote on Instagram, “My fingers bleed for Paris.”

TheFuckinPriest commented on the Metallica Reddit:

Sometimes when you’re playing guitar your fingers bleed.

NSFWormholes commented:

They do? Been playing 20 years … What am I doing wrong?

KittensAndPizza17 commented:

Yeah, I’ve been playing for decades as well and never experienced this. Nor has anyone I’ve jammed with or known. Peoples fingers don’t just bleed from playing guitar, unless you’ve already got a serious scab in those particular spots on your finger.

tapomirbowles commented:

Have you seen how he bangs on his guitar, very often just right above the strings. I am sure that is one of the reasons.

Not to mention sometimes when on stage you get over excited and you might hit the strings way to hard, and if you are paying attention and maybe dont hit straight with the pick, your side of the thumb might get caught in the string, and good luck with that cut… I have done that one myself a couple of times.

KittensAndPizza17 commented:

I mean yeah, if you’re bashing the guitar you can get cut and bleed, but from just regular playing it really doesn’t happen. The other dude was making it seem like it’s a normal thing to be strumming some chords and then blood is suddenly gushing out of you.

tapomirbowles commented:

yeah, that dont happen 🙂 But if you are in a live setting, with adrenaline, it can happen (I know, because it has happened to me :))