Madonna Daughter Is All Grown Up In Party Photos

Madonna left The Tonight Show viewers cringing as she flashed her bottom and gyrated on Jimmy Fallon's desk during a 'trainwreck' interview on Thursday. The singer, 63, appeared on the show to plug her Madame X documentary, but left the host astounded when she soon rose from her seat and slid herself across his desk. The bizarre segment began when Jimmy asked Madonna what she hoped viewers would get from her film, to which she responded: 'Art is important in our lives. I don't think people emphasize that enough. I'm really inspired by James Baldwin, the writer.'

Madonna is helping her daughter, Mercy, ring in her big birthday bash as the star’s daughter is now 17! Via her Instagram stories, Madonna gave us all a look inside what it looks like to be celebrated by such an iconic singer and mother.

Madonna captioned the photos: “Happy birthday Chifundo! We love you!! My precious beautiful talented daughter.”

While we haven’t yet heard Mercy sing, we are sure that she learned a thing or two from Madonna, so we can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us as she continues to always be a light in her mother’s life.

As reported by Page Six – The birthday girl posed in front of silver balloons spelling out her name as she rocked a floral dress while so many photos started to flood Instagram showing off Mercy’s incredible personality and stars in her eyes.

While Madonna is never one to back down from any challenge, she has stated previously that being a mother has surely been tough for her at times as she said that she is: “struggling to understand how” to parent her six children.

She went on: “Growing up with a mother like me is a challenge,” she said in her cover story for three different European editions of Vanity Fair last week.

In any regard, she truly is trying her best and doing a great job at it judging by her wonderful family that seem to have nothing but love for their mother and other siblings.

She then closed: “It has been the most difficult, the hardest battle,” Madonna added, calling motherhood a “work of art” for which no one is given “a manual.”