Madonna Dropped Steven Tyler Abuse Bombshell


Decades before Steven Tyler’s sexual misconduct allegations, Madonna called out Tyler onstage, saying if his two fingers touched her, it’d be abuse, as seen in a video below.

Aerosmith member Steven Tyler has been reportedly sued for having sexual relations with a minor in the 70s, claiming guardianship of her to remain in a relationship while on tour, and forcing her to receive an abortion at the age of 17 when she allegedly became pregnant with Tyler’s child.

Steven Tyler is seemingly in trouble

Julia Holcomb has been sharing her accusations against Tyler since 2011. The resurfaced allegations, as reported by Rolling Stone, are fueling a lawsuit against the 74-year-old ex-frontman following a California rule that was uplifted concerning childhood sexual abuse cases.

Tyler and Holcomb had first met while Aerosmith visited Portland for a performance in 1974. After they met at the show, Tyler invited the then-sixteen-year-old Holcomb back to his hotel room, where he committed “various acts of criminal sexual conduct” upon her.

Tyler had manipulated her into opening up about her troubled home life before committing illegal sex acts on her.

“The suit itself doesn’t name Tyler, naming the defendants as Defendant Doe 1 and Does 2 through 50,” noted Stone’s report.

The night after their first encounter, Tyler invited her to a concert in Seattle, where she was required to fly with him. Tyler sent Holcomb on a flight back to Portland the morning after the performance. Gaining the adoration of Holcomb’s parents, Tyler pursued and won guardianship over her.

The guardianship also permitted Tyler to bring the 16-year-old with him on tour, which he deliberately sought. Holcomb partook in alcohol and drug use while on tour with Tyler, who was 25 when they met in Portland.