Slipknot Member Disturbing Drug Demand Revealed


A Slipknot fan told former member Chris Fehn he wanted to help him with marijuana, leading to a (possibly sarcastic) response from Fehn. Fehn’s beautiful younger girlfriend was revealed yesterday.

knucklehead510 commented, “Chris let me know when you ready to get that strain out . I made 2.4 mill last year alone off marijuana strains legal and safe. Hope you are good miss ya bro.”

Fehn responded, “@knucklehead510 I’m in bro.” Fehn’s former Slipknot bandmate Corey Taylor married girlfriend Alicia Dove a few days ago. Taylor recently made a ‘deeply disturbed’ remark. Kyle Sanders wrote on Facebook, “Great big love to Corey and Alicia for sealing the deal! Great times and grateful for being a part of your celebration of marriage. Plenty of good times to come.”

NoYouFuckingRaisin commented on Reddit, “Jesus f**king christ the amount of incel neckbeards spitting venom at alicia. well what could you expect from reddit afterall?”

TSRoad34 said, “Exactly. This shit is the exact reason both of them are off of social media. People just can’t be happy for someone else.”

AndieDevon2109Tortilla wrote, ” It’s not just reddit – she got really nasty comments all over Instagram too. I feel sorry for her, with everyone being so quick to judge her and label her as a gold digger or social climber. To be perfectly honest, she seems like a cool person and they seem happy together.”

CurryLord2001 chimed in, “I couldn’t see the removed ones but one of the downvoted ones was only talking about how this didn’t really have anything to do with Slipknot (also damn why did you mods remove so many comments).” A Slipknot member recently revealed if he was fired or quit.