Madonna Family Bank Payment For Rehab Leaks


Madonna has been a polarizing figure. Most have wondered if she is a good person or if she is a more of a “for herself” type of person. Well, it looks like Madonna has a huge heart.

As recently discovered and spoken about by Madonna, she was taking care of her late brother, Anthony Ciccone, before his death. The two had a very tough relationship, which, Madonna has not really focused on the negative part of their relationship.

Despite their complicated history, they were still rather close and by Madonna’s account – she cared deeply about her brother who taught her so much. Madonna even credits him to helping her find music.

Family sources have told TMZ that Madonna was footing the bill for Anthony’s stay at a Michigan rehab center before he died this weekend. Two days before his passing, Anthony himself removed the feeding/breathing tubes doctors had him using.

TMZ has also reported that some family members, including his sister, Paula, and his father had been visiting in his final days, with Paula being at his bedside throughout most of it.

Madonna had been helping Anthony for years, but sadly, everything came to a close when nothing else could be done. Madonna has posted about this event on her social media as well, certainly heartbroken.