Blink-182 Sad Replacement Rumor Revealed


According to one journalist, Blink-182, 90’s smash hit rock band, will be substituted for the Lollapalooza event after Travis Barker’s injury. The name of the band who could replace them, Twenty One Pilots. Reddit has been going positively insane regarding this proposal. Whether or not it will in fact happen is another story.

Below are comments posted by users of Reddit, regarding the entire situation:

“he article is just reporting on a rumor/speculation, not any official announcement.”

“BUT MUAHHHH STILL RUMORS really getting tired of the info gatekeep in this sub.”

“apparently he just corrected himself :D”

“the guy who told us about blink headlining lolla months before the announcement now just told us about blink won’t headline lolla. see?”

“Where you see that?”

“We can stop our kidding ourselves. It’s an absolute bummer but those dates are getting canceled or postponed. He’s having surgery. It’s unfair to expect him to be ready to do these shows”

“It’s a shitty situation but how could Travis play with a bad injury like he got? They should’ve said more about this, to be openly communicative with fans, but maybe their hands were tied and they legally couldn’t say anything”

As we can tell from the above, this might be a rumor. One thing is for certain, if Blink 182 don’t perform at the event there will be a lot of unhappy people out there.