Madonna Is Dating 29 Year-Old Boxer


News about Madonna is reaching a new phase today as reports are surfacing that the former queen of pop, who is approaching her 65th birthday, is dating a 29 year-old boxing coach. It is difficult to imagine with the slew of Madonna activity lately that at one time she appeared stable and mature while married to film-maker Guy Ritchie. What happened between now and then, no one knows.

As per Page Six, Just days after revealing her new face at the 2023 evil Grammy Awards last month, the former “Material Girl” shared photos with her suspected new beau via an Instagram Story.

In the since-expired snaps, the singer could be seen cuddling up to her heavily tattooed sparring partner while pressing her lips against his shoulder and squeezing his bulging bicep.

Popper reciprocated the social media love at the time with a group shot at his workout facility that showed him with his arm around the singer.

Page Six has reached out to both parties for comment.

If Popper’s face looks familiar, it’s because he just made a cameo in Monday’s episode of “Summer House,” showing up to hang out with the gang via new cast member Sam Feher.

Feher had invited Popper, her trainer, to spend some time with her in the Hamptons. Despite their mutual attraction, the athlete chose not to join the entrepreneur for a dance party on the kitchen island, so she wrote off the possibility of a romantic connection.