Keith Richards Reacts To Horrific Mick Jagger Photo


The Rolling Stones are back on the road with the ‘No Filter’ tour, with Mick Jagger even recently revealed why the first show could have been sloppy. Ronnie Wood revealed in a new interview how Keith Richards had an interesting response to a new painting he made. As Jagger recovered from heart surgery, Wood painted The Rolling Stones members in the vein of Picasso’s The Three Dancers from 1925. Jagger is a woman in the photo, and Richards had a brutal and hilarious quip.

Wood said in a Sun interview, “Charlie [Watts] liked it. Keith said, ‘I like Mick’s t—s’.”

He also stated, “We’re terrible at communicating. Charlie and Keith, they still refuse to go online, they don’t carry phones with them.”

“Mick and I stay in touch a bit. I can get Charlie on the landline and Keith through his wife, if we have to talk, but the thing is we’re so close on the road, we need a little space and we know everyone is fine.”

He discussed connecting with Richards when Jagger had his surgery.

“When Mick was having his op, Keith said you may as well come to his little place in the sun.

“So we took the twins down there and that’s where they were potty-trained. Keith was over the moon. He said, ‘They came as little babies and left as little girls.’”

The Rolling Stones are finally kicking off their delayed ‘No Filter’ North American tour after Mick Jagger’s heart surgery, and the National Enquirer are reporting that doctors will be on hand in case of a disturbing health situation.

“They have three doctors on eight-hour rotations,” an insider alleged to the Enquirer. “Mick wears a monitor while performing and keeps a defibrillator nearby, wherever he is.

“They have emergency routes planned from every hotel and venue to the closest hospitals.”