Madonna Shows Backside In Embarrassing Photo


Popular singer Madonna recently took to her Instagram story section and posted a picture flaunting her backside.

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Meanwhile, Madonna recently shocked the fans with her very youthful looks. The 64-year-old singer’s face looked smooth and plumped as she presented at the Grammy Awards earlier this month.

Madonna’s new look did not go unnoticed by viewers watching the awards at home, as one said she looked “refreshed” while others said she was completely “unrecognisable”.

Mirror spoke to Harley Street-based cosmetic surgeon, Dr Riccardo Frati, to get his expert opinion.

And he suggests she has a “vertical facelift”, fox eye procedure and fillers in her cheeks and chin to thank for her smooth face.

“Madonna’s eyes and eyebrows look very shaped which could suggest that she has had a mini-invasive procedure such as a thread lift, eyebrow lift or the fox eye procedure,” Dr Frati exclusively tells The Mirror.

“It’s possible that injectable filler has been injected into her cheek region, to achieve an enhanced appearance on the mid face.

“Madonna’s defined chin and cheek bones suggest some injectable filler could have been used in her chin to narrow it down, giving the cheekbones a higher appearance. It’s likely that filler would have been added into her lips to balance the overall facial look.

“In terms of surgical procedures, it’s possible that Madonna has undergone a vertical face lift, which creates jawline and neck definition.”

The cosmetic surgeon also suggests Madonna has had a raft of nonsurgical treatments such as Botox and chemical peel across her face and forehead.

“These treatments are often used to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, giving a more smooth appearance on the skin,” he explained.

Dr Frati also thinks Madonna would have used the latest advanced treatments which are able to stimulate new collagen and elastin production in the face.

“The aim of this is to improve skin texture and quality,” he said. “The treatments that could be used to achieve this include profhilo (highly concentrated hyaluronic acid), radio frequency and laser treatment.”