Motley Crue Legend Drops Lip Syncing Bombshell


Motley Crue are at it again. No, Tommy Lee is not getting married to a woman who barely knows his full name (Pamela Anderson). Today, the band that rocked the 1980’s are on tour, and a bombshell of a headline is hitting the music industry like a tidal wave. Ex Crue singer, John Corabi has the scoop.

As per Blabbermouth, Former Motley singer John Corabi states that he doesn’t personally believe in the use of backing tracks during live events but doesn’t fault any artist who may choose to rely upon them.

In recent years, more and more artists have been given a pass for using pre-recorded tracks, drum triggers and other assorted technology that makes concerts more synthetic but also more consistent. For better or worse, pre-recorded tracks are becoming increasingly common for touring artists of all levels and genres and they’re not just used in pop music — many rock artists utilize playback tracks to varying degrees.

John states: “Honestly, when I was in Motley, as far as the playing was, Tommy [Lee, drums] was playing, Nikki [Sixx, bass] was playing, Mick [Mars, guitar] was playing, I was playing, and, to be honest with you, we did have some backing tracks for things like ‘Misunderstood’, for example. We had a 53-piece orchestra on the original track, and when we sat down and started rehearsing, everyone wanted the tracks while we were playing it live. And that’s fine, that’s cool. It kind of enhanced whatever we were doing on stage.