Madonna Wears 30 Year-Old Bra For Fans


Madonna is attempting to create more controversy. The now nearly 65-year-old singer is stating that she will once again wear the cone bra that she debuted over 30 years ago. In recent days we have learned that Madonna is perhaps dating a man 36 years her younger – almost as old as that bra.

As per The Daily Mail, Madonna is on course to sport the famous cone bra on her upcoming tour. The cone bra was first debuted by Madonna in 1990. The now 64-year-old singer initially wore the iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier-designed corset during her Blonde Ambition World Tour in 1990.

As it has been officially confirmed, Madonna is set to hit the road once again in honor of her 40th anniversary in the world of music and entertainment. It has been stated that she is set to be reviving the look, albeit with some adjustments being made to the bra in consideration for size adjustments.

The singer (Madonna) was seen wearing fishnet stockings this past Wednesday, and apparently proud of it, will also be wearing various other costumes from periods throughout her career. Although it would appear her earlier career.

Madonna’s The Celebration Tour, which will take place from July this year until January 2024.