Major Update On New Incubus Album


As you may recall, in an exclusive interview with Alternative Nation this past December, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd discussed Incubus’ plans to release new music this year, saying, “Incubus is actively writing an album. We have so much material we are working with right now and we’re in the process of finding the best of the best. There will be new Incubus music very soon. We actually had written almost another album worth of material before we left for the summer tour in the states. The plan was to come home, immediately record that material and have it out before the holidays. But we came home and started writing and then kept writing, and we started seeing ideas emerge that just eclipsed the other ones. So we decided to keep writing, and we’re sifting through tons of material, trying to create the best of the best. We plan on having new music out, I would assume by early 2016. We are definitely going to be on tour as well, from the spring on I would assume.”

Earlier today, Boyd posted an old photo of the band on his social handles with mention that the new album is “coming soon.”

Incubus has played three shows so far this year. One at the Air + Style festival in Los Aneles back in February, followed by two early March shows in Mexico City. No brand new songs were debuted at these shows so what the new album will feature is still basically unknown. What we do know however, is that chances are it is Trust Fall Side B, which would be the follow-up to the four song Side A EP released last May.

“As far as I know it will be Trust Fall Side B, but it will be a longer than an EP. There’s so much music that we are trying to focus on it being more of an extended thing. More of an LP,” said Boyd.

In addition to giving fans something to look forward to in two consecutive years, Boyd also explained it was a studio opportunity of a lifetime that prompted the band to make a split Trust Fall Side A and Side B:

“We got together unexpectedly to start writing. It all came from the opportunity to work at Hans Zimmer’s studio in Santa Monica. He offered us a room at his compound. We didn’t have a plan to make a record. We didn’t have a manager or a record label at the time. We were off in the woods and it was fun to not have a plan for the first time in such a long time. But we then got this opportunity to work in this incredible creative space. We just set up our gear and started tinkering. Really quickly songs started to emerge and we saw that a handful of them we really liked and they offered us the opportunity to go out and tour as well. We picked the songs we liked the most.

A lot of it also started as simple conversations amongst the band. This in particular, was a conversation revolving around how some of us missed Side A, Side B. Growing up listening to vinyl records, there’s a moment when the needle hits the center of the album and you have to physically take the needle off of the album, turn the record over and the experience reboots on Side B. Same thing with the tape experience. It was a quick stop, then you have to eject it, flip it over and the experience starts over into the next realm. It created once again, almost this hemispheric experience. We were also acknowledging that nobody, including us, has the attention span for an entire record, front-to-back, start-to-finish. So we decided to break it up. We already had an EP with Side A, we could put it out and go on tour and create Side B in a little bit. It felt like we can have our cake and eat it too.”

To hold us over, Incubus has posted a short video on their facebook page – giving a behind the scenes look at their shows in Mexico.

All quotes from Brandon Boyd – Alternative Nation interview. December 2015.

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