Ex-Guns N’ Roses Member Was ‘Rejected’ For Reunion


Alternative Nation posted a story last week from GNRTruth‘s MSL about Slash and Duff McKagan having lobbied for Matt Sorum to take part in the Guns N’ Roses reunion, and MSL has revealed that while Steven Adler has been considered for cameos by Axl Rose, Matt Sorum was ‘flatly rejected completely.’ MSL posted:

“That didn’t stop [Steven] Adler from being considered for cameos though. Whereas Matt was flatly rejected completely. So I do think there may be some hurt feelings.”

He later shared analysis on why Sorum was rejected, “Adler brings more to the table in the sense that there are more people who would get excited by the idea of Steven getting to play a few songs than seeing Matt. Also, while Steven has run his mouth plenty of times, people feel bad for him / know he’s like a little kid.”

Duff McKagan’s wife Susan Holmes-McKagan liked Alternative Nation’s story from last week on Slash and Duff lobbying for Sorum’s Guns N’ Roses return on Twitter.


MSL recently reported on GNRTruth that Slash and Duff McKagan lobbied to get former drummer Matt Sorum back in Guns N’ Roses for the band’s 2016 Not In This Lifetime Tour.

“I’m sure he’s bummed that Slash & Duff returned without him, especially since it neuters Kings of Chaos, but at least he’s got himself a prominent side gig and I’m sure he’ll have a blast playing with Alice, Joe & Depp.

Slash & Duff did try hard to get him back into GNR, but I don’t think it would have been reasonable to expect Slash & Duff to make it a deal breaker.

And Axl’s loyalty to those that are loyal to him is very admirable IMO.”

Matt Sorum, who is set to tour this summer with Hollywood Vampires (Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry), said he is happy with his current band and is not sulking over his Guns N’ Roses reunion snub.

“I’m in the right band right now if you get my drift. I’m happy to be playing with my heroes,” Sorum told Forbes.

Sorum mentioned that he plans on honoring his Velvet Revolver bandmate Scott Weiland on Hollywood Vampires’ summer tour, which will feature Stone Temple Pilots’ Robert DeLeo on bass.

“We’re adding a David Bowie song, we’re trying to pick which one. We’re gonna add a Lemmy song. All these people, including Scott Weiland, all these great artists, we’re gonna go out and celebrate them and celebrate their lives.”