Major Update On Possible New Temple of the Dog Album


Temple of the Dog/Pearl Jam/Mad Season guitarist Mike McCready told Team Rock in a new interview that he wants Temple of the Dog to write new music.

“If anybody wants to start writing for Temple Of The Dog, I will be there to play guitar if they want me. We’re very busy with our band right now and Chris has been on such a long tour, so he’s been very busy.

“So in terms of timing, who knows, But I hope we can do new songs.”

Chris Cornell was asked by the Toronto Sun at TIFF if Temple of the Dog could add additional tour dates in Toronto following the shows currently booked.

“I’ll push for that,” said Cornell. “All the guys in Pearl Jam love to play here and so I’d love to do that. This is one of the cities that we should make (it to).”

He also discussed writing songs for films, including ‘The Promise.’

“I’ve done enough of them now. I know there’s going to be difficult moments and there will be some moments where everything seems to come together . And then I realize ‘That was awful,’ and I’ll start over from scratch. You know the problem I run into the most is, ‘Am I the right guy for this? Is there a different guy who could tell this story better? And then I get the determination.”