Cemetery Reveals Why Fence Is Surrounding Chris Cornell’s Grave


A fan posted the following on the Soundgarden Fans Facebook group:

“Good morning, friends. I’m up early today – for me, anyway – because I just received a call back from Hollywood Forever Cemetery regarding the chain that they installed around Chris’ site – and thankfully, it’s what some of us thought and hoped – it is only temporary. It was done because the new grass was dying, so they’re now going to give the new sod they’ve just laid a chance to take hold without being trod upon by the many visitors who’ve come to visit the grave.

I thanked her and the cemetery on our behalf for their care of Chris’ grave site, and she in turn offered that the visitors who’ve come to visit have all been lovely and respectful, and specifically mentioned that his children appreciate the visitors. She also said the chains might come down as early as Saturday. Since the mementos are still there, next to the site, I assume they will be restored to the site when the chains go.

Those of you who post to other Chris Cornell groups, please feel free to re-post this – I know others are interested.

Have a lovely day, all. xoxo.”