Marilyn Manson ‘Defended’ By Singer After Accusations


Wednesday 13 told Rock N Roll Experience in a new interview that Marilyn Manson is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ when it comes to the sexual assault allegations made against him.

Wednesday 13 said, “It’s, not necessarily coming after me. I just think it’s such a dangerous thing. It’s almost like a court and jury without all the facts, and everybody can just read the headline and go, ‘Okay, I made my opinion.’ It’s scary.

But I haven’t thought about it coming after me. I’ve thought about what it probably is like for — I thought [about] what it’s like for that kid that’s 13 or 14 playing guitar and wanting to be in a band. What’s he gonna do? He can’t wait to be in a band and get canceled.”

He said about Manson’s cancelation from society, “Again, it’s one of those kind of things. It’s the same thing, where it was, all right, [these are] the accusations, and everybody is, ‘Okay, well, he’s a monster, so let’s step on the spider; let’s kill the monster.’ And I guess that’s probably the first reaction to that kind of thing. But they’re all accusations, and I say it’s innocent till proven guilty.”