Marilyn Manson Reacts To Chester Bennington’s Death With Kurt Cobain Conspiracy Theory


Marilyn Manson discussed Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots singer Chester Bennington’s death in a new NME interview.

“I met him; I wasn’t friends with him… When it comes to that, I’ve told everyone – and this came after Kurt Cobain, because in my opinion, I don’t really want to come to a conclusion about Kurt Cobain’s death – but I just told everyone around me, ‘If you see me and I’m dead and a lot of people around me are dead, then it was not a suicide’. Even in my will I put that I want explosives in my coffin so that everyone at my funeral gets blown up.”

He also discussed snorting cocaine for the first time with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor.

“I can’t say, I can’t say… [Nine Inch Nails frontman] Trent Reznor. Me and Trent are good friends now, again. I really loved his appearance on Twin Peaks. It was awesome. I’m glad to be friends with him again because I wouldn’t really be here if it weren’t for him and I give him credit for that. I mean, I would be here, but not in the same way. He was smart enough to see potential in me and pointed that out and helped me realise it.”

He later discussed the possibility of having sex with Lana Del Rey.

“I didn’t say I didn’t or I did… You know how she sings, she’s dead still and she bats her eyelashes. So I would imagine, hypothetically, [in] sexual parameters that she would do the same thing. I would also imagine that in a witchcraft-type environment she would also just bat her eyelashes and that might not really be effective. Although she is a very lovely girl.”