Marilyn Manson Reported To FBI By ‘Teen Girlfriend’


Marilyn Manson has been accused by actress Bianca Allaine of sexual misconduct. according to The Sun. She The Sun that Manson, real name Brian Warner, forcefully kissed her in 1995 when she was 16 and ‘fondled’ her underage friends. Bianca claims she is speaking with FBI agents in Marilyn. She later dated Manson when she was 19. Bianca claimed that one accuser has spoken to an FBI agent in Oregon.

“I’m going to tell the FBI everything I know, I just hope they don’t let us down,” she exclusively told The Sun.

“They are taking this very, very seriously, which they should.”

“I said one day, ‘I can’t take this anymore,’ so I contacted the emergency tip line, he’s terrorized us enough.

“It’s intimidating because I’ve never talked to an FBI agent before, she’s been very nice but I’m still scared.

“Another girl contacted me and claimed she did go to the police after her experience in 1994 but they didn’t do anything, it’s just sickening.

“I told her, ‘Tell the FBI, please’ and she did, but she’s still terrified of speaking out about him.

“Many other women have also told me anonymously they have contacted the FBI, and some have even met with them directly.”

The cancelation of Marilyn Manson started when his ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood accused him of abuse and racism. Manson has denied all claims.