Marilyn Manson Reveals Song He’d Get Girls To ‘F*ck Him To’ In High School


Marilyn Manson discussed why his new album Heaven Upside Down was delayed, after originally being set for release on Valentine’s Day under the title Say 10, in a new interview with MH magazine.

“Tyler [Bates, co-writer] and I sat next to each other, the record was finished, but I felt like I didn’t tell the whole story of the record. And we said, ‘What is the song that you would get some girl to fuck you to in high school?’ And we both simultaneously said: ‘The Cure! Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me!’ I said, ‘I want a song like that.’ He sent me a mix of this beat, and I put it on in my house, and it was just pulsating. It has this binaural frequency that really fucks with your head, it’s hypnotizing. And now, that song, Heaven Upside Down, and also Saturnalia, those songs have become the centre of the story of the record.”

He also said “I thought originally that Say 10 was very clever, but it’s not as expansive or as defining as Heaven Upside Down. People say, ‘Oh, what’s Heaven Upside Down?’ You decide. It doesn’t have to be anything specific.”