Marilyn Manson Reveals Trent Reznor & Rihanna’s Surprising Similarities


Marilyn Manson was asked about his reconciliation with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor in a new interview with Q magazine.

“In the past we had a falling out but we’re close again now. He still believes in why he signed me to his label. I was really impressed by his performance in the new Twin Peaks. He still likes danger and there is nothing dangerous in music any more, except a few things like Rihanna. She’s dangerous. And I am, especially if you get me drunk. I’ll fight you.”

He also discussed smoking human bones and the bible.

“I didn’t try hard enough. I tried a little bit just to get the party started but it just smelt like what you’d expect if you burnt human bones. It’s not a good idea. I once smoked a joint rolled from the Bible – Ecclesiastes from the Old Testament. It tasted bibilical.”

“I have a masonic skeleton from the 1800’s. I had it mounted on my fireplace, which is very tall, and I’m just waiting for my cats to try to jump on it because it’s very rascally. They’ve already eaten several of my baboon skulls. So, the answer is: I keep it on my wall, far away from my cats so they don’t eat it. There’s also an elk’s head on my wall, which I call Ernie. I bought it – illegally, let it be known – when I lived in New Orleans.”