Mark Hoppus Reveals If He’d Welcome Tom DeLonge Back In Blink-182


Blink-182 singer/bassist Mark Hoppus discussed his two professional falling outs with the band’s former singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge in a new Kerrang interview. He started by discussing Blink-182’s 2004 U.K. tour.

“[It was] right before Tom left the first time,” says Mark, describing it as one of the ‘low points’ in his career. “Every single show we were having these awful arguments backstage. We were playing giant venues, the band was successful, but we were just miserable, yelling at each other before we would go on.

It was awful – awful for everybody – and it was such a dichotomy, because backstage was so tense and angry, and adversarial, but you would walk out and there were 12,000 people wanting to see our band play. I couldn’t wrap my head around how the band could be so successful and so dysfunctional at the same time.”

He said Tom DeLonge’s second departure from Blink-182 in 2015 didn’t hit him as hard since it had already happened a decade earlier. “Maybe because we’d gone through it before,” said Hoppus.

Mark said he’s only spoken to Tom in person one time since the 2015 split, with a couple of texts exchanged ‘a year ago.’

“He’s doing his thing, we’re doing our thing in Blink, and it’s going well. I think the time for hard feelings has gone.”

He asked if Tom could return to the band if he wanted.

“I dunno.” He added, “That’s a hard conversation…I dunno.”