Brian Johnson ‘Quitting’ AC/DC Tour Claim Revealed


AC/DC are rumored to be reuniting with Brian Johnson for an Australian tour, and a verified Twitter user named ItsPaolini is wondering if Johnson may leave again after a short run of shows. He tweeted last week, “Is Brian Johnson only reuniting with AC/DC for their Australian Tour or is he back for good?” An AC/DC icon recently posted a ‘skinny’ Paul McCartney photo.

DoinNothingMeansALot posted on about reports that Brian Johnson had vocal surgery in the past, “It’s just common sense. You don’t get back your high range suddenly at 66 years old for no reason. Your voice doesn’t magically clear up and lose all the roughness gained by 25 years of abuse for no reason. Certainly not because you’ve simply switched to a (supposedly) less destructive smoking form, and if time off were the answer, why did he not have a similar phenomenon between BB and SUL?

I vaguely remember reading something Brian had alluded to about it once, but I doubt I could find it easily.

900 responded, “He actually said the opposite, that doctors were a little baffled that he was able to just continue on with roughed-up vocal cords, but that they acknowledged that as he seemed to be fine as he was, no problem. But you could be right in that he might have had the surgery after that point; he did sound smoother from 2003…

However, it could be natural recovery. If you listen to Black Ice gigs, he had phase early on sounding really smooth, then by the end, rough as fuck. And yet by RoB his voice was smooth again? So unless he had surgery again, that points to natural recovery.

The smoking thing, wasn’t it the other way round, he changed from pre-rolled fags to roll-ups sometime between BB and SUL? He was still on ‘normal’ fags in 1995 and I wondered if getting onto roll-ups helped, perhaps his consumption reduced regardless. He had more power on SUL/tour than BB, for sure. Clearly it’s lungpower affected rather than tone, though David Coverdale said his voice sounded ‘thin and reedy’ when he tried quitting fags. Will be interesting to hear him if the new stuff ever surfaces.” An AC/DC member being ‘banned’ from touring was recently detailed.