Matt Cameron Reveals ‘Positive Step’ He’s Taken After Chris Cornell’s Death


Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron discussed the hesitation he had regarding releasing his solo album in a new Billboard interview.

“I was certainly on the fence (about releasing the album) when I came home from the Soundgarden tour, but it feels good to take one step forward here,” Cameron tells Billboard. “This has been a positive step for me, for sure.”

“For me it’s just the basic joy of songwriting, and my whole mission draws out of that,” Cameron explains later in the interview. “It’s something I’ve done over the years for sure, when I have time between gigs. I was just trying to zero in on each particular track, and I tried to bring each musical and vocal part out as much as I could. That was basically the goal, and that’s what’s so fun about doing my own record was completely making all the decisions myself. Working in these enormous bands I’ve always had to play my role — and lovingly so. I love my role in all my bands. It’s nourishment for me.”