Maynard James Keenan Calls Out Fan For ‘Absurd’ Tool Rumor: ‘Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ass’


Maynard James Keenan recently tweeted fans about Tool’s lack of presence on music streaming services on his personal Twitter and Puscifer’s account.

A fan tweeted, “The band already commented on this that they will not put any tool songs whatsoever on any streaming service.”

Puscifer responded, “No. The band never said that. That would be absurd. Perhaps there is a more logical reason for a lack of presence on iTunes & other digital services. #dysfunctional #indecisive #etcetera.”

A fan tweeted, “Because Steve Jobs was a TOTAL prick? Oh, and streamers can listen to their indiv. songs over and over w/o having to buy, and the band doesn’t receive shit. Buy there fn CD’s/LP’s/Cassettes so you can appreciate the art.”

Puscifer responded, “Or. Make the music available on all formats and give people the choice. Roughly 1/8 of the physical music store locations still exist from the crash in 2006. Some buy both/all btw.”

A fan tweeted, “They literally said they want their music listened to in its entirety so you get the full scope and message of the musical piece. So they will not stream pieces of their music on streaming services. Look it up before speaking…”

Puscifer responded, “Hahahaha!!! Should I check with myself and get back to you?”

Keenan then tweeted from his primary account, “Tee hee. Its going up on digital services someday. Pull your head out of your ass. There. @puscifer #dysfunctional #indecisive.”