Maynard James Keenan Caught Reading Tool Lyrics In Concert Video

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Maynard James Keenan was caught reading new Tool song lyrics on paper in a new Welcome to Rockville festival video that has just surfaced on the Tool Reddit. JustTryna posted on Reddit, “*spoiler*Lol @ Maynard reading his own lyrics, thought it was funny, amazing fucking song tho.” Tool debuted new songs “Descending” and “Invincible.”

opiate250 posted on the Tool Reddit:

He was doing that back when apc was playing 1 album a night for 3 nights, and that’s with old stuff.

I’m not surprised he doesn’t know the new stuff yet 😂

rediKELous posted:

Warrior. Struggling. To. Remember. Lyrics.

opiate250 posted:

I feel like grandpa maynard would have been a much better stage persona this time around.

Keenan was defended by other fans.

honkimon posted:

Dude is 56. Debuting brand new songs. Better this than to fuck up. Remember – all eyes on tool. Give the guy a break. Notes will be gone after a few shows I bet.

CrawlingKingSnake462 posted:

Ken Andrews of Failure has a big ass monitor on his mic stand that displays lyrics. Maynard should get one made so he doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of flipping through dozens of papers.

sundownings posted:

I mean, as a classical musician, we definitely, uh, use sheet music/lyrics for every show that we ever do with the exception of some concerti, and then it’s just one piece that we’ve probably been practicing pretty single-mindedly for months or years.

*spoiler*Lol @ Maynard reading his own lyrics, thought it was funny, amazing fucking song tho from r/ToolBand