Slash Rejection After Foo Fighters Surprise Revealed


During a new edition of his SiriusXM show, metal and hard rock guru, Eddie Trunk shared a story on how he tried to get a major name to headline a charity event for cancer dedicated to Ronnie James Dio. He tried to get Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, who had to reject the offer since he was on tour, but fortunately Trunk got a Foo Fighters surprise from Dave Grohl. Alternative Nation transcribed Trunk’s comments.

Trunk: I texted Slash because his son played it last year. His son has a band called Classless Act and I texted Slash because they said maybe last minute he’ll come down, play one song and get in and out. Slash got back to me and said that we just started our tour, I think he was in Mexico. So I was like, OK so much for that. Like I said, Richie Sambora was in but he got called out of town but he is donating a guitar, which is really nice. So all of that to say I had pretty much given up trying to get this huge name that would pack the place. I know Dave Grohl lives in Encino, and I know Dave, I don’t know Dave extremely well but I know him enough to talk to him when I see him, we know each other. However, nobody could seemingly get a message to Dave to see if he would be interested in doing this.

Trunk continued:

Trunk: So Dave Grohl, about 2:00-2:30, Dave walks back in. Very incognito, not that he was hiding in any way but just like any other dude. I mean people didn’t recognize him. He had a baseball cap and he had his kids with him. Grohl sees me, he comes up to me and goes:

 “Eddie man, what’s going on with this, what ‘s the story here?!”

Trunk: I told him, I would of loved to have had you if I had a way to get to you. We do this every year, we do two events and it’s for a great cause. It’s for the Deal Cancer Fund and I told him about it. Grohl goes:

Grohl: I live right up the street, man!

Trunk: Yeah, I know.

Grohl: I was gonna go and get chicken and I saw the staging set up and I was like let me see what’s going on.

Trunk: Well, will you play?

Grohl: Well I guess, you want me to play, I’ll play! Let me take my kids out to the food truck on the field, get them something to eat, walk around for a few, I’ll take them home and I’ll come back around 4:00 and I’ll play.