Maynard James Keenan Compares New Tool Album To ‘Untamed Overgrown Bush’


A fan named Sam recently tweeted to Tool and Maynard James Keenan, “***Breaking my 20-year silence*** I have heard the rumblings. This is important. The album: WE NEED this?❤️✊”

Maynard responded, “Confucious Say: ‘A Bird in Hand is worth far more than what may or may not be in a completely untamed overgrown bush.’ #aperfectcircle2018 #EatTheElephant Apr 20, 2018.”

Many fans reacted to Maynard’s tweet on Twitter.

Coz responded, “That Confucious fella’… always was a @billyhowerdel fan, wasn’t he?”

Jennie responded, “Yup. Patiently awaiting 420. ?”

Jenny responded, “I didn’t know what Confucius was so I looked it up. He is, or was, a Chinese philosopher. I learned something new ?. Happy learning ?”

Kade responded, “Tool and APC are so different it’s hard to substitute one for the other for many i’m sure. Personally I enjoy both and @puscifer equally for completelt different reasons but some people will only be satisfied by one or the other.”

Red Bird responded, “Then again, two birds with one year would be quite the cause of celebration. And certainly no moss grows on you, so I hold out hope it’s possible if other stones are rolling.”

Tool are currently in the studio recording their first album in 12 years. A Perfect Circle will release their new album Eat the Elephant on April 20th.