Maynard James Keenan Flips Off Alice In Chains Member At Tool Show


The Baldy has posted the following on Alice In Chains’ tour blog about Tool and Alice In Chains recently performing at Northern Invasion, and Maynard James Keenan having some fun onstage.

“It wasn’t surprising when one of the first calls the band made in 2005 when they got back together to play a benefit show was to Maynard, who came to Seattle without hesitation and helped kickstart what turned out to be the reformation of Alice In Chains.

So yeah, Tool is awesome, and it was great to share a bill with them again.

It was also great to see and hang out with a couple of guys that used to be on our crew that have been on Tool’s crew for a while now.

Festival gigs are like that.

You tend to run into friends and old colleagues that you haven’t seen in a while.

The capper of the whole night?

Well, Sean, William, and Jerry were watching Tool’s set from the side of the stage.

As I mentioned earlier, Maynard pretty much stays glued to his riser back by the drums, dressed up in his helmet and military police looking outfit.

At one point in the middle of a song, he came down from his riser, walked back behind the drums and over to the side of the stage where the guys were watching.

He waved to William, then waved to Jerry, then with a slight smile on his face, he flipped Sean off and walked back to the stage.

You gotta love Tool.”