Maynard James Keenan Haircut Stuns Tool Fans


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan recently announced that his band Puscifer will release a new album titled Existential Reckoning on October 31st.

Keenan posted a photo with a short haircut wig with his bandmates, writing, “Cheese. @carinaround #maynardjameskeenan @matmitchell #existentialreckoning #puscifer2020.”

Tool fans on Reddit recently discussed the band’s most trippy album. HarvestTheGrapes posted, “Which album do you think is the most psychedelic from Tool. Each of them certainly have really trippy moments opiate has GLE, Undertow has the title track and disgustipated, aenima has 3rd eye eulogy intro, stinkfist bridge, etc, lateralus has title track, disposition/reflection etc. 10k days has rosetta stoned, FI has pneuma. but overall, which album do you think is the trippiest?”

]dannyk65Eyes responded, “Lateralus is an easy pick because it has a few songs with trippy/spiritual elements. From the last couple minutes of Schism through Parabol(a), Lateralus and then the holy trinity it’s pretty obvious album-wise.

But it’s difficult to pick a trippier song than Third Eye. It’s just an absolute masterpiece about Chakras and literally tripping enough to experience divine unity. And the lyrics (imo – which is gathered from concepts I’ve come across from others) about it being so good to see and missing “god” so much, then the high wearing off and the despair-filled came out to watch you play, why are you “god” running away? because the high is wearing off and for him to stay, he takes more drugs to pry open his third eye…….that’s the winner for trippy imo!”