Maynard James Keenan Makes Awful Tool Announcement


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan celebrated his 55th birthday on Wednesday, and he of course took the opportunity to troll Tool fans with a Jesus Christ meme he created, announcing that there is no new Tool album news, and to ‘let it go’ for the day. Awful news for anxious Tool fans! Keenan made Jesus’ foot his new Twitter profile photo.

Jesus is shown listening to music on his phone thinking, “Maynard’s 55th birthday was fuckin tight.”

“Gonna be a Good Friday, too.”

“Hope the weekend doesn’t get outta hand.”

An arrow points at Jesus’ phone, which is playing music, and says, “#NotNewTool #LetItGoForADay.”

He wrote in the caption on Twitter, “Carina & Mat: ‘Wanna go to birthday breakfast? Our treat. We’ll pick you up.’

Me: ‘Good. Cuz I can’t drive. 55.'”

The tweet is a reference to former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar and his own new age, 55.

This summer, Keenan will appear on Sammy Hagar’s AXS TV show, Rock & Roll Road Trip. The television program posted a photo on Facebook of the Keenan, Hagar, and Guy Fieri standing in a field to promote the episode, which is titled “Tool’n Around in Flavortown” and will air July 7th. Keenan teamed up with Hagar a couple years ago for an April Fools Prank where it was announced that Hagar replaced Keenan’s as Tool’s new lead singer to help them finish their long awaited new album.