Maynard James Keenan Payday Is Eerily Similar To Dave Grohl


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan tweeted over the weekend, “@PaxMahleWines Is literally and figuratively underwater. Help us help them.” He linked to a GoFundMe page.

The page states, “Sonoma County is currently in a state of emergency after the Russian River rose 34 feet over two days, 12 feet above flood stage. The damage to surrounding communities is extensive, and our friends at the Pax Wines facility in Sebastopol are among those affected. In addition to losses from flood damage, all activities at the winery and tasting room have been put on indefinite hold. Pax and Pam Mahle were among the first to take action after the devastating wildfires in 2017. With their partnership, Sara Morgenstern and I created WSCWR raising over $250K for wildfire victims. Now it’s our turn to help them. Whether you can contribute a lot or a little doesn’t matter, let’s all pitch in to get them back on their feet.”

An ‘MJ Keenan’ donated $666. Seems similar to when Dave Grohl left a $333 tip last September at a bar to bring his total bill to $666.

In a In a new 95.5 KLOS interview, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed spending $666 at a bar recently. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments.

Interviewer: I gotta ask you, are you always a big tipper or you just happen to see the opportunity to write “666” on a tip the other day?

Dave Grohl: Dude, come on. When you get a bill that says $333 it’s like I’m gonna go the extra mile. But it’s the sad thing I think it was $303.30 but I was too hammered to figure out the $302.70- I couldn’t do the real math. Which would have been strong but i was like seeing double at that point.

Dave Grohl recently went to the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood after a surprise Foo Fighters pop up performance to promote the Cal Jam festival. Grohl took photos and drank with fans at the bar, and he had quite the bill when he was done.