Maynard James Keenan Reacts To Embarrassing Tool Performance


Tool recently played in Krakow, and a technical mistake appeared to frustrate or confuse frontman Maynard James Keenan. The new Tool album release date is August 30th.

surdert posted on Reddit, “We did not get CCTrip nor intermission. Instead, we got a 3 minute drum solo. Looked like the band had some issues with communication during that part, as if Maynard wanted to go behind the stage – no response from the others, so he went behind Danny anyways looking somewhat mad. Adam and Justin stayed on stage while Danny went on but on the sides, you could see Maynard behind Danny during the solo. Then after the solo ended, Maynard got back up and leaned over against the plexi thing between him and Danny and looked like he was going ‘what’s going on?.’

I hope someone recorded Stinkfist, Maynard added something that sounded like [he was talking about the screw up] towards the sound guy. No joke haha!

The sound in the arena was ON POINT, you could even hear Danny’s snare when he pulled some ghost notes. So clear and crisp – props to the sound guys!

I’ll give this show a 8/10 as it’s easier to describe the feelings I had with a number instead of words, it was that good!”

PssstHeyBuddy commented, “I didn’t feel like Maynard was annoyed about the miscommunication. more amused. Danny was smiling sheepishly at Adam and Justin as well. Maynard definitely seemed like he was asking what’s going on. I didn’t notice any dig at the sound guy, but the crowd was really intense so I could’ve missed it. I loved this gig, set was brilliant, crowd was fucking crazy, new songs where great can’t wait to hear the album. All in all worth the trip from Ireland.”