Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways: Is Band Planning 2016 Sequel?


Foo Fighters currently do not have any concrete plans for the second season of Sonic Highways, as producer Butch Vig has told Billboard that he is ‘still waiting for word from [Dave] Grohl’ on the second installment of the HBO series.

“Vig and Marker are now based in Los Angeles, where they’re still using some of Smart’s gear. Vig is waiting for word from Grohl about the second season of Sonic Highways.”

Vig also remembered recording with Dave Grohl’s other band, Nirvana.

“There were moments that were hard,” Vig recalls. “Kurt would have intense mood swings and just shut down. He would just go sit in a corner and disappear into his own space. Krist (Novoselic) would say, ‘He just goes into these moods and he’ll come out in awhile.’ So we’d find something to do for a couple hours, tweak the drums or work on bass sounds, and all of a sudden Kurt would pick up his guitar, ‘Let’s go.’ He’d be back, fully engaged. I just had to gauge when the timing ws right to go for takes.”