Maynard James Keenan Claims Tool Bandmates Are Responsible For New Album Delays


Maynard James Keenan recently claimed on Puscifer’s Twitter that his Tool bandmates have not completed music for the band’s new album, and that’s the reason he hasn’t worked on it. Keenan tweeted, “Haven’t been. When the music is ready, lyrics will flow. No music, no lyrics. Simple.”

Keenan’s publicist also asked the Phoenix New Times to not ask him about Tool in a recent interview. Keenan kicked off a new Puscifer ‘Money Shot’ tour last night in Riverside, CA. Keenan wore a wrestling mask, as seen above.

While Keenan has few words to say about Tool, he had strong words for political correctness in a new AZCentral interview. Keenan was asked about college professors being worried about what they’re teaching because they can’t afford to offend the students in their class.

“Expel them. Shoot them. I don’t know. Spank them? You’re not allowed to spank them. I think at the college level, each teacher should have a pack of vouchers and they’re allowed to spank 12 students over the course of the year. College students. Not children or babies. If they’re over 18, you’re allowed to take that student, put them over your knee and spank them in front of the class and embarrass them. Put them in the corner with a dunce cap. But you’re only allowed to do that 12 times a year. See how that works.”

He also brought up South Park, “Look at South Park. Every single episode they do, they try to turn that offensive button up louder and they’ve been successful with it. No one’s shooting at them. I think there’s a misconception out there about how offended people actually are and why you would give credence to anybody who was offended by anything. So what? So you’re offended. And? You’re still breathing. You’re still walking. Nothing’s changed about what’s going on with you. I think it’s silly.”