Tool Blatant Ripoff On New Album Fear Inoculum Revealed

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Tool guitarist Adam Jones has admitted to using a ‘cheap knockoff’ guitar on the band’s long awaited new album Fear Inoculum. The first Tool Fear Inoculum album reviews leaked a few days ago. Maynard James Keenan announced the album release is August 30th a couple of months ago.

He told Guitar World, “I still use just the original Seymour Duncan Super Distortion pickups. I buy those up whenever I see an old one from Nineties. Every guitar sounds different and every pickup sounds different; Joe has this guitar that someone basically gave him, just a cheap Japanese Les Paul knockoff that’s had a wallpaper applied to it, and it’s amazing for clean sounds! It’s honestly an amazing, really cool-sounding guitar.”

Tool hinted at if they are done after their new album in a new interview. Jones told Revolver that the long run times of songs on the new album, which clocks in at 85 minutes with 7 songs on 2 segues, was not planned.

“We’re not, on the norm, a radio-friendly band, because that doesn’t matter. That’s not what we’re trying to get across. The songs flow, they’re cool, and the reactions from my friends that I’ve played it for have been like, ‘That was 12 minutes? It didn’t seem like it.’ And that’s what you want. It’s not like we said, ‘Let’s write the longest songs we can.’ We’re just letting the creativity do its thing.”