Maynard James Keenan’s Bandmate Reveals Why He’s Slow At Making New Tool & A Perfect Circle Albums


A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel said in a new SLTrib interview that he began sending Keenan new music possibly as early as 7 years ago. He said he would like A Perfect Circle to be more active and consistently release albums.

“Sure. Yeah. I’d like to do it more, I’d like to … I mean, in a perfect world for me, I would make an album, tour, take a break, make an album, tour. But there’s costs to that, too,” Howerdel said in a phone interview. “There’s a benefit to having an appetite out there when we haven’t been out in a while, and it makes us approach things a little differently. It’s just like saying, ‘Would you like to eat something delicious every day?’ You’d be like, ‘Yeah, of course,’ but if you don’t, you’re really going to appreciate it when you get it.”

He later added, “I’ve always been there, ready for Maynard to get a window in his schedule. The bottom line is, if you know anything about him, then you’ll know that … many things take his attention. He’s owns a winery, he’s also a father and a husband, he’s got three bands,” Howerdel noted. “Finding that window to put a tour together is not something you can do in a whim or just do on a month’s notice. You need planning, you need notice a year in advance to start chipping away at the schedule.”

A Perfect Circle are currently on tour, with plans to hopefully release a new album in 2017. They recently debuted a new song called “Feathers.”