Keith Richards Family Reveals Drug ‘Worse Than Heroin’


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ late ex-girlfriend Anita Pallenberg acting in ‘Performance’ with Mick Jagger was recently detailed in the New York Post, and supposedly the filmmakers believed that her shooting a shot of Vitamin B12 would appear more devastating than heroin. Mick Jagger helped a ‘struggling’ Keith Richards in a new sad leaked photo.

It was the last day of filming, and Anita had to film the scene added at the last minute where she shot the Vitamin B12 into her backside, but she ended up shooting real heroin, as he and Richards had just started experimenting with the drug.

Warner Bros. weren’t happy with the film after seeing a cut and doing a test screening, sending an extensive list of cuts to the filmmakers — hoping to avoid an X-rating. Director Donald Cammell and Mick Jagger shot back in a note, “This film is about the perverted love affair between Homosapiens and Lady Violence. . . . To make such a film means accepting that the subject is loaded with every taboo in the book.”

Keith Richards ‘ruining’ a The Rolling Stones performance was just revealed. KillingThemGingerly posted about The Rolling Stones 2020 tour on Reddit recently, “Do people actually sit in their seats at Rolling Stones concerts? So I got my mother tickets to see the Rollings Stones. She is older and has some degree of foot problems, so I elected to get us seats and not general admission. However she is mostly completed able bodied and would be able to stand. Do the able bodied folks actually sit in their seats at their concerts or stand?

Last concert I took her to was Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons which was in more of a theater type setting and of course had a totally different vibe I would assume. People basically only stood during their final few songs.”

PinelliPunk responded, “Maybe you can buy something to put on the seat like a cushion box or something so she can see better? Best of luck I’m assuming people are on their feet the whole time.”

KillingThemGingerly commented, “I actually hope people are standing. My mom likes to get up and dance a bit. I just didn’t want her to not have an option to sit if she needed it (she probably would at some point, a whole concert I her feet may be a bit much).

She wanted to stand more at the Frankie Valley concert but the vibe wasn’t a standing vibe and people behind her were clearly getting upset she was blocking their view.”

You can read the full piece on ‘Performance’ in the New York Post.