Metallica ‘Didn’t Need’ Big Four Metal Band


Metallica have always been in a league of their own. Arguably, they are one of the best metal bands that have ever existed in the mainstream. If you don’t agree, you have to at least acknowledge just how influential the band has been even up until and past this current moment in music.

Of course, something can be said for the drama that the band have caused. No one will ever forget the Napster saga that was rallied heavily by the band, but looking back even on that actually makes sense now as we now see just how hard the music industry can be for artists to make money when everything is just about free now to stream.

Maybe Metallica were right. Maybe the band that everyone made fun of actually had a point and all they wanted to do was to stand out in the right ways, but the people – the listeners wouldn’t let that happen. If the band can’t even defend themselves for their own actions and legacy, who can?

This is where Frank Bello from the very famous and beloved group, Anthrax, steps in to tell his side of Metallica. In an interview with Rock City Music Company, Frank Bello had stated that Metallica were so ahead of everyone else in the scene at the time that they really never needed any help at all to stick out in a huge way. Bello mentioned that Metallica were totally able to sell out arenas on their own and didn’t need any help from Anthrax for ‘The Big Four’.

The four bands that Bello is referring to are Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax who all played together for the first time in 2010. Bello recalls: “Metallica didn’t need to do the ‘Big Four (tour). They could sell out those stadiums on their own. They’re arguably the biggest band in the world. [When I spoke to James at Welcome To Rockville], I told [him], ‘Look, if nobody’s told you this before, and I don’t know if they have, thank you. Straight out, thank you. Dude, thank you. You didn’t have to do that.’ And he goes, ‘I get it, man.'”