Scott Weiland ‘Fishing’ Before Death Photo Revealed


A photo of the late Scott Weiland fishing in the final months before his December 2015 death has just been revealed by Weiland’s former Wildabouts bassist Tommy Black. Black wrote, “Just came up in my memories.”

Too Cool Queenie recently defended Weiland on the Below Empty forums, “What do you think of people who overly criticize Scott and say he was just a junkie?

Back in the day, I used to peruse this other forum without giving it credit it was about a major school tragedy and what I thought was to be more about facts and truths were just miserable assholes who hated me and criticized my looks, my education, my jobs, stalked me online from job to job because they were jealous I had something professional going on.

Anyways, I remember one major white trash lady going on and on from the old forum about how Scott was using all these drugs and being scientifically specific about what they were made of. She was saying she wanted Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer to come back and take Scott. (This was somewhat before he died). When I said he was more than just a druggie, she basically said oh, go cry at his later sloppy performances that are now his legacy. She said the other people he toured with were more talented than him. She claimed she dealt with too many cancer patients to care about Scott overdosing and one girl was even just two years old. She said anyone praising him was basically a fool and his music was shit.

I know Scott had issues, but really? Don’t complain about someone being on drugs when you and your family probably do them as well if not more.

I don’t get this mentality because I know drugs are bad, but I feel no one is really sober in Hollywood, and I think there needs to be more awareness especially with opioid addiction.”