Metallica Dressing Room Photo Revealed


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett looks hilariously disturbed in a new backstage photo.

Hammett wrote, “Mondays, right? #metalmememonday 🤘🖤🤘 📷by @steffyspurs.”

When it comes to what the band have backstage, if there’s any booze, we’re guessing it’s the band’s signature ‘Enter Night’ beer.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich discussed the band’s beer in a new Chicago Tribune interview.

Q: How did you guys land on the beer itself? Enter Night is identifiable as a pilsner, but it’s not quite a classic pilsner. It’s a unique take for sure.

Koch: When we started the conversation, we were talking about what sort of occasions we thought people might have this beer. At a concert was one of the top things. But also tailgates and hanging out with your friends and cranking the tunes. A pilsner is a wonderful beer style for that. But like you said, we wanted to make it unique and stand out while being true to ourselves and the things we represent and the things the band represents.

Ulrich: Over the summer, I gained an immense education and understanding. I wanted to dive in and understand the background of what we were doing. I’m very curious by nature, and it was a real learning process. Over the summer, we did blind taste tests, and beer was being shipped back and forth. It was a lot of fun. As that process was going on, and we talked about what this beer would be, we wanted something that works in social situations and is different within the Arrogant Consortia. We didn’t just want to slap a Metallica logo on something that already existed because that’s not how we do things. We wanted to look our fans in the eye and say, “This is something we’re passionate about.”